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Our artificial rock creations will make you say WOW. As the only true artificial rock contractor in Ontario we offer a full range of rock products that are completely unique and hand crafted by our in house artisans. Waterfalls are just the beginning when it comes to artificial rock applications as we offer hundreds of unique and compelling items such as garden benches, statues, furniture, climbing walls, landscapes, sculpture art, retaining walls and so much more.

All of our artificial rock products can be purchased directly through A Better Pool Company. Wholesale prices and arrangements are available if you have a retail environment and are looking to provide unique and quality items to your customers. Contact us today for more information.

Our artificial rocks are available in absolutely any color, size, shape or proportions. Not at all like plastic artificial rocks, our artificial rock is completely convincing, even up close.

You can choose a custom color arrangement for your artificial rock products by working directly with our artisans on your project, or you can also select from some of our most popular color options.

Landscaping rocks are the most common use for artificial rock construction as an artificial rock will weigh in at roughly one third what a real rock of similar proportions would weigh.

Concrete is the main component of artificial rocks. This allows the versatility of the worlds most common construction material to be applied to a three dimensional work of art.

Statues, landscaping rocks, address stones, retaining walls, climbing walls, waterfalls and much more. Up close or far away - our artificial rock looks and feels exactly like real rocks!

Artificial rock can be built on site, or also manufactured, delivered and installed depending on your budget and what type of artificial rock feature that you are looking for.

Fireplace insert covers are a very popular artificial rock product that we sell. Comprised solely on non-combustible materials, artificial rock fireplaces are perfect for a rustic feel or a custom size or shape requirement.

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