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Artificial Rock Statues, Planters & Garden Art

In addition to our custom artificial rock contracting we also offer a full line of garden items such as Easter island "Moai Heads". We can create custom statues of any size, shape or color to suit your needs - but we also carry a wide range of portable products available to buy

These face statues are also garden planters which allow you to use plants as hair to accent your statue.

6" potter
12" tall = $60
24"tall = $100

8" potter
12" tall = $75
24" tall = $120
36" tall = $160

10" potter
12" tall = $90
24" tall = $160
36" tall = $200

12" potter
12" tall = $100
24" tall = $175
36" tall = $250
48" tall = $400

Larger and custom sizes are available. You can view our showroom by appointment by calling 1-888-818-POOL or by email at info@abetterpoolcompany.com

Please note that all items are hand sculpted and completely unique. We do not cast, mould or copy any of our original artwork so that you can be sure the one that you own is one of a kind.

The easter island head statues can also be purchased without a planter for a more traditional statue look. Since these statues are made with high strength artificial rock concrete they are relatively heavy and have a quality appearance and feel to them. Custom orders will be delivered in less than 30 days.

Artificial rock garden benches as pictured are available starting at only $250. Available in any size, color or length. We also provide custom metal and woodwork garden benches as well - call 1-888-818-POOL for details.

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