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Concrete Pools

swimming pool shotcrete process

Vinyl Liner Pools

swimming pool with new vinyl liner

Acrylic Spas

Acrylic Spa

Concrete Spas

concrete hot tub

Artificial Rock Construction

artificial rock made with concrete

Automatic Safety Covers

swimming pool with automatic safety cover

Artificial Rock Custom Outdoor Furniture

We can create any type of wood, steel and artificial rock patio furniture to suit your taste, yard and budget. These highly unique furniture items are one of a kind hand crafted by our artificial rock artisans.

Stools and chairs range from $100-$400 each piece and tables range from $200-$400 for each piece. Discounts are available for full sets and large orders.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your requests. We are specialists of custom orders and working with our customers to ensure satisfaction every time.

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