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Concrete Pools

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Concrete Spas

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Automatic Safety Covers

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We are a full service construction firm and are available for all forms of general contracting, renovation and repair of your home, backyard and swimming pool.

Concrete Pools

As concrete swimming pool experts we are available for all commercial and residential pool and spa contracting from construction and design to renovation, repair and maintenance. This includes engineering, leak detection and repair, tile, plaster (marble, stone and crystal), coping, decks, plumbing, heating, mechanical, landscaping, ponds, waterfalls and artificial rock creations. Go to the concrete pool gallery

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner pools make up over 90% of the backyard pools in southern Ontario. These are a cost effective pool solution by comparison to concrete pools and are well suited to the frigid winter conditions. We offer full services on all vinyl liner pools from construction to renovation and repair. Specializing in leak detection and repair, we are the experts that the other professionals call in when they need a specialist. Go to the vinyl pool gallery

Hot Tubs

Custom built concrete hot tubs are our specialty. Whether you are looking for an artificial rock hot springs or a traditional tile and plaster tub, we have the solution for you. We also supply, deliver, install and repair acrylic and resin hot tubs. Discounts available for commercial hot tub contracting from November to March annually. We are hot tub plumbing, leak detection, heating, circulation and filtering experts. Go to the pool & spa gallery

Artificial Rock Creations

Artificial rock is perfect to surround your hot tub with to provide privacy as it can be adapted to fit naturally into any backyard environment. Indistinguishable from real stone, our artificial rock waterfalls, statues, garden planters, ponds, retaining walls and hot tubs are second to none. We actually wrote the book on how to build artificial rocks and continue to be an authority on artificial rock technology in Canada. Go to the artificial rock creations gallery

Automatic Safety Covers

We are expert installers of all automatic safety covers available to Canadians. The advantage of having an easy to use safety cover system can not be understated as this will ensure that the cover is always in use when the pool is unattended. With a simple turn of a key the safety cover opens or closes in under thirty seconds. These robust systems can be installed on both new and existing swimming pools with options for all types, shapes and sizes of pools. Go to the safety covers gallery

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